Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dofus Hack Tool v1.05 *Kamas and level hack

A new hack has been developed

We all have heard about the game Dofus, right? If not let me tell you about it. It is the most popular  Massively multiplayer online role-playing game in France, having more than 25 million players. 
We decided to make their lives easier.

What can it do?

It enables then to boost their level, their kamas( Dofus currency) and the ability to Subscribe. Subscribing gives you access to the entire Dofus world, allows you to create your own Guild and let's you battle other players( PVP).

Is that all? 

For now, yes, but we will keep it updated with new features, as adding Tokens, Pets, Ogrines, Gifts, etc.

Well, it sounds awesome, but how does it look?


Looks good, but I see Insert code here. Can you explain?

Our hack is locked to prevent excessive use. Over-using our tool makes you more visible to their system and your account will be banned. Of course we provide you a code that enables the program, but if it's used more than 100 times per I.P, the system disables the code for 24 hours, to let it cool down. After 24 hours, it can be used again. Alternatively, you can download your own personal code, that can be used within limit, of course.

The code is: 040262340274320
 *Note: Using the tool the correct way will never ban your account. If used the right way!

 Is it safe to download?

You can click the image below, and convince yourself that it's virus free.

Detection ratio: 0 /46

Now where's that download button?




Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dragon City Hack- Ultimate Edition

Time passed and the need of a new and improved hack has increased. The Adder function is great, it adds *infinite* gold/food/gems as well as Level up and Instant Build but what if, you’d make time run faster or slower? Or you could hatch every possible combination of dragons? Well, we decided to make these things possible . New interface included too
Dragon City Hack -Ultimate Edition features:
- Add Gold- Adds gold
- Add Food- Adds food
- Add Gems- Adds gems
- +1 Level to All Dragons- Levels ups all your dragons
- Instant Build- Build, upgrade, remove bushes, breed, etc. in a second
- Level Up- Level up
- Time->fast - speeds up time
- Time->slow - slows down time
- Hatch dragons- it enables you to breed the ultimate dragon

Dragon City Hack -Ultimate Edition screens:

 Download link:

Detection ratio: 0 / 46